Skycoor software is provided for at least one year with the option to extend usage to a minimum of one or more years. Extend or buy other version of Skycoor, you can use the renewal form: https://sw.pekasat.cz/


  • Calculations performed according to Appendixes 7/8 and ITU recommendations

  • dT/T calculation and reports for analysing and elaborating IFIC

  • Calculation of the worst case C/I and margins determining the interference level


  • All IFIC package functions

  • Calculation of worst case C/I and margins determining the interference level

  • Adjusting parameters and setting performance limits for easy finding of solutions in case of unacceptable interferences

  • Graphical representation of spectrum utilization for multiple networks at once, making it possible to focus on problematic sections

  • Reports recording the results of individual calculations

  • Possibility of defining custom radiation pattern

Professional (Coming soon)

  • All IFIC and Advanced packages functions

  • Cooperation with GIMS for calculating particular situations

  • Possibility of modifying and saving the service areas in GXT format

Function description

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