Satellite ground station

Our own Earth Station used to operate with satellites in various orbits (GEO, MEO, LEO).


  • Center for satellite operation and monitoring
  • Communication with geostationary (GEO), low (LEO) and medium (MEO) Earth orbit satellites
  • First-class earth station equipment for outstanding reliability
  • The first project of this scale in Czech Republic (Unique geographical location, a mild climate)
  • Available frequency spectrum - VHF, UHF, L-, S-, C-, X-, Ku-, Ka-band up to EHF (40+ GHz)
  • Earth station non-stop operated by experts
  • High level of facility security measures


Location on a map of the Czech Republic
  • Built on nearly 40 000 m2 of land
  • Horizon visibility <10 degrees in elevation
  • Backbone fibre connection up to n x 10 Gbps Power transformer 22/0.4 kV 630 kVA
  • Negligible risk in terms of floods, earthquakes or other natural disasters
  • Good spectrum clarity
  • Very low rainfall
  • Fencing, monitored entry and CCTV

Supported RF bands

  • S-band (TT&C)
  • X-band (Payload downlink)

Target sectors and markets

  • Government entities (Embassies, Consulates, Ministries)
  • Military forces (foreign missions)
  • LEO/MEO satellite operators
  • Earth Observation companies
  • Non-governmental entities (humanitarian organizations)
  • Maritime transport (freight and cruise ships, yachts)
  • Financial sector (bank transactions, equity markets)
  • Space Research and operations
  • Mining & Heavy industry (oil platforms, precious metals)
  • IT sector (ISP, data storage, Cloud computing)
  • Mobile operators (mobile network backup)
  • Television companies (broadcasting)

Utilization of the Ground Station

  • TT&C - spacecraft operation and monitoring
  • Satellite TV uplink
  • Satellite News Gathering
  • VSAT Hub
  • IP Trunking
  • Data processing
  • Earth Imaging & Observation
  • Gateway for satellite internet
  • Backup earth station
  • Payload data downlink
  • IT services offer


Notification of a ground station in the ITU:

  • Legal and regulatory protection of the frequency spectrum
  • International recognition of the station for satellite communications
  • Securing the future operation against harmful interferences

Certification by the WTA:

  • An objective, transparent and internationally recognized ground station sertification method
  • For operators, customers and strategic partners
  • Different certificate levels (Tier 1 - 4)