▪️Physical components

X-band antenna feed and RF assembly


We have completed the development and construction of a new antenna feed for the reception of satellite signals in the X-band (7 500-8 500 MHz) with circular polarization, RHCP and LHCP outputs on the WR90 waveguide flange for lossless transition to the LNA. The body of the feed with a septum allows simultaneous reception of both LHCP and RHCP with a high signal level and very low SWR. The feed is complemented by a Kumar choke ring. To optimize the radiation pattern, we can design and manufacture it for any F/D at the customer's request. Depending on the customer's requirements, the feed waveguide flanges can be equipped with the LNAs with a noise figure below 0.8 dB, X- to L-band IF downconverters, frequency filters, lightning surge protector/arrester and DC-DC converter for power supply via separate wires or a bias tee for coaxial cable power supply. Price: X$ - X$ Delivery time: Based on agreement

2-axis antenna rotator assembly (PRA-9)


It is made of cast iron, stainless steel and duralumin. The parameters will surprise you very pleasantly, the speed of movement in elevation and azimuth is up to 6 °/s, the torque is 1068 N.m in elevation, and 1365 N.m. in azimuth. The pointing and tracking accuracy is 0.1° thanks to the used absolute encoder and inclinometer. Elevation movement ranges from 0 to 90°, azimuth movement from 360° to +/- 180°. Mechanical limit switches are used nn both axes to prevent the antenna turnover and damage cables, construction or antenna itself. The motors have a power supply of 24 V DC (25A). The breaking torque is 43 kNm for the azimuth, and even 56 kNm for the elevation. The rotator can be customized in movement speeds, diameter and antenna weight and placed on any mast landing. Price: X$ - X$ Delivery time: Based on agreement

Antenna controller


PEKASAT SE has also developed the antenna controller, which is an integral part of the antenna system with power scalability to match the rotator needs, processing unit to calculate orbit prediction in advance, position sensors, limit switches and manual operation via remote control or joystick mounted on the unit. All necesary information for are also shown on the LCD display. Connectivity with computer is secured via LAN interface. Price: X$ - X$ Delivery time: Based on agreement If you are interested in any of the listed items, please send us an email at: sales@pekasat.com

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